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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Hi Friends

have placed in Patni.

The process is simple
1.written test
3.HR-Technical interview

1.Written test contains 3 sections (total 60 Qs - 70 mins)
a) English - very simple, 4 to 5 questions based on articles and one simple passage..
b) Analytical - All questions were from RS agarval - pipes and cisterrns, and some problems based on sets.
c) Aptitude - Most of the Qs were from Percentage and Profit and loss, and few Qs were from Areas,,

2 topics will be given and u hav to select one..
They will give a plain sheet of paper and u hav to note down your poins. and make sure that u\'ll emphasise only on those points.. and finally each group member have to give his conclusion..
give others the oppurtunity to speak..
topic like education and success is corelated?

3. Interview
for MCA/ CS they\'ll ask each and every subject (OS,DBMS,C,C++,DATA STRUCTURE) in depth...
for other branches just general HR questions..
to clear the interview round, you hav to express your thougts clearly and confidently; whether they are correct or not doesnt matter..

Rupak Kumar Jha