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Hai Friends

I am Nikhil, student of I.E.T.D.A.V.V. Indore. PCS came to our campus on 16th of June. This was third company for me. As i\'m basically from mechanical stream I had a little hope to clear all rounds but my confidance did all. There was three rounds for selection procedure.

First was aptiute test
Aptitude round was comprised of three sections.

1) English (15 questioms) 10 qs were based on articles and preposition, and 1 simple reading comprehenssion. as there was sectional cutoff i did not attempt RC... coz first ten questions were very easy..
there was no negative marking in any section..

2) Logical Reasoning (15 questions) three questions were on venn diagrams, three questions on blood relation.. like p*q means p is father of q. a little practise will do...

3) Mathematics (30 questiions) very simple; based on profit and loss, percentage, average. There is no need to prepare for this section coz the questions were very easy and some of questions can be solved with the help of options. The time was of 70 mins and there were 60 questions in all....

GD round
This is the main elimination round for PCS. 110 students qualified in first round. 11 panels were formed for GD. in each 10 students were given a topic. they provided a paper and gave the topic. 5 mins were given to think over the topic. the GD lasted for 15 mins. our topic was BPO in India.

I somehow made to speak three sentences.. remember.. proper eye contact and hand movement is important. also do noding while others are speaking. At last they told us to write conclusion on the sheet. anyone can be asked to give conclusion. after one hour GD results were declared and 72 students were selected for interview. from my panel 5 students were selected. after a few minutes the interview procedure started...

The interview was totally HR..
I entered in interview with full confidence. they first asked me how was my day. then telll abt yrself. some cross quetions were also asked. they gave me a puzzle to solve.....i couldn\'t solve it but didn\'t get panic. I was pretending that I was solving.. then they asked me why I wanted to enter in software field... Interview lasted for hardly 10 mins..

At last results were declared and 50 students were selected. They selected 6 students from mechanical stream. I was one of them...