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Kumar Gautam
Hai Friends

Honestly speaking I never thought I wud ever b getting into a s/w company bcoz of my average marks in engg n poor technical skills.. but, here I am writing my experience after selection which was thru a marathon process leaving us all exhausted...

Getting 2 the selection process (as,i already mentioned a marathon 1),it was divided in2 3 parts:

Aptitude Test:
basically consists of 3 sections which include quantative ability, analytical ability & english section...all tat u ppl hav 2 do is b quick at quant(simple) where stuff like ratio proportion, %age, profit/loss, simple geometry, time & work & the like topics r asked... referring 2 r.s agarwal shud get u thru far as logic goes it was a bit tricky, but its manageable..stuff like binary form where if $=1 and *=0 then wat can ($***)+$* be expressed as???? some questions on groups of ppl....all of these can b easily managed by solving some practise exercises frm ne logic/reasoning, as far the english part is concerned u don hav b a rocket scientist 2 clear is one of the most simplest n silliest questionnaires tat i hav ever seen...some vocabulary tests(silly) followed by article insertion (super dumb) n a passage wid some questions (super super dumb)...this section is not even worth mentioning so guys just chill as far as english is concerned n try n attempt it 1st...

The apti consisted of 60 questions which ver 2 b answered in 70 mins...the subdivisons were as follows:
a) English(15 qs)
b) Analytical ability(15qs)
c) Quantitative ability(30qs)

Group Discussion (GD):
they made us wait a heck of a lot 4 this particular part. I cleared this part wid out ne stress at all...the topic given 2 us was "marriage:a social trap?" pls comment...the gd honestly was a cakewalk wherein if u speak up a little bit u wud b selected..jus b forthright n clear wid in ur views n don digress frm the topic...they give u fair chance 2 speak nehow...btw v ver divided in2 groups of 10 ppl n there ver abt12 grps...don worry 2 much abt the gd..jus speak up in a concise way n b communicative...

Personal Interview (PI):
This, basically was conducted in variations 4 different ppl wherein some like me ver subjected thru both technical n hr interviews seperately while the others jus had a single interview...i will describe my experience thru both the interviews (hr & technical):

Ther was this expressionless man sitting in ther who as i entered asked me 2 take a seat n straightaway asked me the was around 9.30 in the night n then he asked me as 2 ven i had come 2 college...i told him at abt 9 in the morning...he asked r u not tired after staying 4 so long?? I tried 2 evade his question but eventually replied tat though I was a bit stressed I was very happy wid the way the selection process was conducted & it was a very fair process..he then asked usual stuff like tell me abt urself, where i tol him abt myself n y i wanted 2 b in the s/w industry...he asked me stuff like wat i thought was challenging abt the s/w industry..2 which i replied i liked erp-sap systems n the challenges faced by the industry 2 implement it in various sectors. actually, ppl 2 b honest wid i think they chk ur confidence n communication skills, the latter being the only 1 i was counting upon....after some more grilling, he said i wud hav 2 go 4 a technical interview 4 abt 5-10 mins...this was the only scary part 4 me....

A smart looking man with a prominent moustache who was very polite took my technical interview..he again asked me the same things like tell me abt urself n stuff...i gave the same damn answers which i had given during the time of my hr interview.. he asked me abt bubble sort algorithm which i wrote n then went in2 some confusing details abt for loops n stuff..i gave some ans 2 which he wasnt convinced...he then said 4get programming n asked me a puzzle which i attempted but cudnt solve ultimately..he tol me tat he dint expect me 2 give the answer 2 tat puzzle n many others had failed in doing so...he then wished me luck n tat was the end of my interview...

Result Declaration:
Then they declared the results at abt 11.30 in the night ven everybody was dizzy n hungry n almost asleep..but neways the joy of getting selected overpowered all of tat...i must admit their selection process is very fair, n u get a fair chance...but at times more than the actual interviews or the gds, the waiting period makes u feel like jus walking out...but as they say "good things don come easy"...So, guys if u r like me wid average %age, lack of interest in engg but gud communicational skills n other interests i suggest u still try n pick up placements bcoz every1 out ther is jus like us even though they may hav gr8 marks..n also all companies look 4 nowadays r adequate communication skills n reasonable analytical skills.. so y give up an opportunity, ven its comin walking up2 u, isnt it????