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Hi Friends

I am Pankaj Singhal from JNIT, Jaipur. This year (2007) PCS (Patni Computer Systems) held the campus recruitment jointly for All Private Colleges of Rajasthan at GIT, Jaipur on 06.10.2007.

The selection procedure consists of 3 stages:
1. Pre Placement Talk.
2. Aptitude
i. 15 questions Verbal
ii. 15 questions Analytical Reasoning.
iii.30 questions Quantitative Aptitude.
3. G.D.
4. Technical + HR

M.TECH ----3.25LACS

Eligibility: 60% throughtout 10th ,12th and Graduation.

>>>>Aptitude Test (Time 1hr 10min)
  Total questions =60

i) Verbal:
2. Fill In The Blanks..Very Easy..10 MARKS
Verbal round was damn easy. A word from a sentence will be italicized and the closest-matching synonym has to be selected.

ii) Logical Reasoning:
It Consisted of 15 Questions. Some questions related to binary form where if $=1 and *=0 then wat can ($***)+$* be expressed as????? some questions on groups of ppl....and some related to like which statement is sufficient to give the answer...all of these can b easily managed by solving some practise exercises frm ne logic/reasoning book...

iii) Quantitative Aptitude:
Very easy section. Always start with this section. Question like if a:b=1:2, b:c=3:2,c:d=4:5 then a:b:c:d=?????? question related to Profit and loss..CI and SI...Share and dividend..Percentage Question like sugar price is decreased how much he can buy more????????related to population of City.....??

1500 student participated for this comp. and after the Aptitude test they declared the result and 147 shortlisted for G.D.

My Topic Was:- "Should there be a retirement age of Politician"
After G.D. process they shortlisted 67 students for Interview...

Interview (Tech+Hr.):- 
Int.:- Have a seat..
Int:- tell me about yourself?
Int:- Name of Subjects which u have studied?
Int:- About Ur strength and improvement areas also ur interests?
Int:- Question Related to C lang.
Int:- A new language does not have any library function and header file.. how we can check whether a number is perfect square or not?. String Palidrome.. Reverse Number....
Int: Do u have any Questions ?

My interview was of around 20-25 minutes. I gave all the answers. After Interview they selected 30 students. I was one of them. Before being selected in PCS, I have appeared in Infy, Tech Mahindra, Zensar, Satyam, I-Flex, I-gate.. In all this i have been rejected. Finally I got selected at PCS.. Work Hard & Success will touch ur feet.. After getting clearing these 3 round they gave 3 cds and 3 weeks time. Asked us to submit assignment on the subject on the cd. the Cd consist of tutorial and lab exercise.

After submiting the assignment there is pre-assessement test and based on performance of assignement and test they will send for training (Patni preparatory program ppp)..

The training will be 6 to 8 weeks and the stipend for the training will be paid along with our first month salary. We have to sign a two year agreement and also pay 75k refundable deposit. This deposit is refundable after 2 years.