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Hi Friends

My name is Felix. Im from Trichy, Tamilnadu. I paticipated in Patni offcampus on November 10, 2007 and got placed. Let me help you with my experience.

There are 3 rounds:
Aptitude test, GD, Interview.

70 mins...60 questions.
30n from Verbal.. its easy to score 25 from it.
eg. he was standing  ___ a corner
a)at, b)on, c)in,  d)around....
like these only...u can easily finish this section in 15 to 20 mins.. easy remaining 40 questions were from percentage and profit, loss.. practise it....

some of the topics asked were:
1.Is China tigery?
3.Is GD necessary or not?

Like these only. for me it was
Arranged marriage vs. Love marriage.
10 persons per group.

I think PCS gives chance to all persons in GD. So if u speak one valid point in good English u r definitely shortlisted. from my group 6 were shortlisted.

Since I was from non-IT stream very few technical questions were asked:
1.Is 8085 8 bit or 16 bit?
2.What is stack pointer?
3.What is stack and queue? (Data structures?)
4.Talk something about communication systems? (I had this paper in 5th sem. So i spoke something for 2 mins)
5.Tell something about DSP?

Other questions were HR related only like
1.Introduce yourself
2.Leadership qualities
3.Extracurricular activities
4.Ur interests.

thats it!!!!
my interview was for 15 mins.. I did well and spoke confident n tried to give all answers.. some questions i told...

totally 800 participated
210 selected for GD
105 shortlisted for interview
52 got placed....
I m one among them.....
Be confident and cool...thats enough to succeed!!!
Patni was my 19th interview.....
So dont worry if ur success is delayed..
keep ur confidence high and be casual...thats enough to succeed..

Other than this for interview point of view, make ur resume simple because most of the questions will be from it only.. try to prepare some concepts of C, data structures, oops.