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Hi Friends

Patni came for campus interview to our coll and I am sharing in this article about how the aps will look like

Whole process is
   Personel Interview ( less technical & more general Questions here )

Aptitude is of 3 parts

No Negative and Duration 70Min total and 60Q

Verbal ( 1 - 15 Q) and is for 20 minutes
Verbal is very very easy..... Just filling article

Eg) There was ----- cow and it ate ----- grass

We have some questions to choose nearest meaning of the words that are given in italics in a sentence

From (11 - 15Q) Comprehension type..... A paragraph was given and 5 questions were asked abt it... This was also very easy....

Analytical ( 16 - 30 Q) and is for 20 minutes
Was bit difficult.... We are given a 3 lines problem and based on it 2 questions.... If we think we can answer it....

Quants ( 31 - 60 Q) and is for 40 Minutes
All The questions are from RS agarwal and majority is Profit and Loss. Ration and proportion, SI, Numbers..

Its enough if we concentrate in these things.... Other question is very general...
Eg) How many time, long and short needle of clock coincides in a day

All the whole paper will be very easy, except Analytical. A bit tough....

Good news is the Cutoff is very low and one who has basic knowledge u can clear it.

All the best