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Hi Friends

I am Jack and i got placed in patni computer system (pcs) through offcampus held in St.joseph engg college oct 8th.

The PCS recruitment process consist of
1. Written test
2. G.D
3. Personal Interview (tech + hr)

After getting clearing these 3 round they gave 3 cds and 3 weeks time. Asked us to submit assignment on the subject on the cd. the CD consist of tutorial and lab exercise. After submiting the assignment there is pre-assessement test and based on performance of assignement and test they will send for training (patni preparatory program ppp)..

The training will be 6 to 8 weeks and the stripen for the training will be paid along with our first month salary.We have to sign a two year agreement and also pay 75k refundable deposit. This deposit is refundable after 2 years.

About the written test is very easy question but no time.. it has three section.
1. verbal
2. analytical
3. technical
All the three sections are very easy but we have to rush with time. no negative marks.

The rule to follow it is try to solve as many question as possible.
i) first solve all easy question.
ii) dont read the comphension paragraph without solving all other question.

about the GD
patni g.d is a selection processs. They kept written test and g.d on same day. They just check the communication skill. people with some moderate communication skill will easily get shortlisted..

about the interview
The interview call was after 4 weeks. The personal interview is truely depend upon the candidate fate. It may be purely H.R for some people. and There may also be tech questions.
1. tell me abt urself.
2. what is ur hobbies.
3. what is ur project.
4. explain briefly abt ur project.

my tech questions are
1. o.s
2. scheduling
3. pre-emptive and non pre-emptive
4. deadlock
5. data structure
6. binary search
7. how to build binary tree
8. some sorting algorthim
9. collision in hash table.

These are my experience with Patni Computer System. i hope u may get some idea about the process. Please go with full confience to all interview.
This was my 20th software company interview and finally i got it.

All the best..