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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Hi Friends

The test pattern of Patni Varies in difficulty level for Mainframes, Java and DBA professionals. The question pattern for the mainframes is generally based on the knowledge of COBOL. No need to go beyond file systems in that. Questions are easy. Be thorough with the basics.

For java professionals, be thorough with the beans. They are really very basic but thinking that java test will be based on core java would be foolish. They basically ask basics of xml, jsp, html and beans. No need to do swings. Questions are easy again if you have the basics right in each of them.

I have no idea about the DBA i.e. Oracle questions but they too might be easy.

Mind it you can opt for any of these tests based on your comfort level.

Aptitude is very easy which is taken at the very beginning of the selection procedure. Then comes the technical part.

That is what I know about the PATNI test. Hope it helps. All the best.