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Hi Friends

We had Patni at our campus and aptitude test was online. Questions will be quantitative and analytical. Questions will be very easy but u\'ve only 90 secs for each question. If u answer wrong u\'ve negative marking and if u dont answer like if u didnt complete the question within 90 secs it\'ll be marked as "I don\'t know". No negative marking for that type of answers. Refer Agarwal for apti.

two of the questions i remember are

1 There are two clocks. Both are set at 12 noon on friday. First one is on the normal pace and the second one is faster and gains 2 mins and 2 secs each hour. So what will be the time on monday morning 10 in the first clock?

  answer will 10 am since first one is in the correct pace.

2 Right now a plane is at 3000m from ground level and descending at a speed of xkm(i dont remember the number). It will be touching the ground in 10 secs. So what distance is the plane now from the ground?

  answer will be 3kms.

i\'m sorry i dont remember the GD topic.

Interview was purely technical. They even asked to write C programs.