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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Pradeep Gorai
Hello Friends

l am very glad to tell you that I got into Patni. The recruitement process was thr\' employee referel , so I can\'t give you any mail-ID as such. The process included,

1) Aptitude
(R.S. Agarwal - They tressed more on profit and percentage calcualtion problems)

2) Technical test in C++ (Very interesting - hitches and glitches from C++ were asked)

3) Group discussion (It was not supposed to be an elimination round)

The topics were,
Should remixing of old songs be done?
some topic was there which was related to current education program. I don\'t remember it exactly.
4) Technical interview (They asked only on C and C++ .... not even your BE project etc)

There was no HR interview.