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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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I got into patni..I was asked to join on 18th august at the seepz(Mumbai) branch.. I have aplied through  IT for NON-IT..

Thnaks for the support given by Friends group.
thanks friends for all the help provided by you.
I will summerise the pattern..
there was an aptitude test,GD, psychometric(they call it by soem other name )followed by technical/personal interview.

aptitude test was simple ,R S Agarwal type questions ..for those who cleared the test there was a psychometric test (nobody willbe eliminated based on this !!)and then there was GD those who cleared GD, were called for an interview.

GD topic was "Age of Information"
..interview was of 30 -40 minutes duration.some of the questions asked to me where ..

1) what is page fault ?how it happens?
2) what is the need of nomalization ?
3)if you have a client who doesn\'t need a peoplesoft package , but can manage with excel,but ur target requires that u should sell ur peoplesoft to him also what will u do ? will u try to sell it or tell him to use excel ?(HR)
4)if u were given 6 sticks of equal size and how will u form 3 equilateral(only 3 not more not less) triangles using them ?

psychometric test was pure chatecter checkin and consistancy checking test has to be care ful that he answes all and answers are consistant (same question will be asked in different ways!!)
being honest is a good solution!!

thanks once agin friends and i will keep on posting any oppurtunities comes my way ..