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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Bijayalaxmi Biswal
Hai Friends

recently i was selected in Patni computer systems( on 3&4 th of august).but they said they shall send a offer letter with in one month. and so i am unable to even be sure that i got or it.

ok i am sending the pattern of this test first we had 2 written test
one ananlytical - mostly from RS Agarwal
second was tech. written test- ( based on ur choice it can be c/C++/java/vb/asp/oracle)
next day we had interviews (2)
one was purely tech. ( its not so tough)
second was a mixture of tech. and hr(mostly it was hr but still they asked some tech questions also)
  then they gave us a letter indicating that we were
short listed for future requirements.