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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Anuj Singh
Dear Surendra,Friends and Friends

I owe you a Big thanks to all of you and I am really greatful to one and all of this group. I dont have any words to express my gratitude. I just got a call from Patni Computers, Pune that I have been selected and joining date would be on 24th of this month.

The info I got it from our Group only. I am thankful to the friends who have posted the info in this group. 

Pattern:(All are elimination Rounds)
1) Screening Test  --> out of 750, 450 been selected for Aptitude.
2) Aptitude Test   --> 50 questions in 1 hour.
3) Technical      --> 50 question on Java/Jsp in 40 min. JSP was bit easy.
4)  GD          --> It was bit easy, was on general topic.
5) Tech/Per Interview --> All about Your Project which u mentioned in ur resume and          on JSP.
Since I am from Hyderabad, They asked me how did I get info about this interview.. and told abt Friends DEAR FRIENDS WE ARE ALL SHOULD BE GREATFUL TO Friends Once again Thanks alot to u all,