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Hello Friends

 I got thru patni. i appeard for apptitude test , GD n tech. test in patni on 18\'oct (saturday) n technical/personel interview on 21st .
there is important information abt patni test as far as i know.

(1) Apptitude Section
there is 3 subsection under it.. arithmatic,general/analytical reasoning,english.
time factor is very important to get thru each section has 35 questions each. n this is a 1hr test n 20 minutes r allotted to each section well if u want u may give extra time to anyother section but believe it s not correct way each section has its own cut off.
so u will have to go through all section with equal consideration.
english is simple ..some error detection sentences,fill in the blank. but major part of english section consist of eng comprehension. there were abt 18-20 question of comprehension out of 35 qus of eng. reasoning is very simple but rememeber one thing as it is simple u may like to do all questions from that section..DONT DO IT. give extra time to english n arithmatic section,comprehension takes lot of time but REMEMBER to get thru these 2 comprehensions r must.

Arithmatic is also easy n my suggession is that dont attempt data interpretation question as they take lot of time.
n important thing is that there is 1/4th negative marking in all the section. so be carefull.
in my openion if u attempt 20-25 from each section CORRECTLY then surely u will be able to get thru.

its depent on the attitude of candidates.if u r able to make healthy
atmosphere in the group having convinced upon one common solution of the topic the 7-8 will be able to get thru out of a batch of 12. otherwise it may be possibe that only 1-2 or none candidate is selected. dont deviate from the topic say some thing specific to the topic n try to not take the topic in antother direction.if n speak only 2-3 good sentences logically related to the topic, its OK rather than speaking anything illogical n far from fact.

ATTITUDE is very important ..try to not to be AGGRESSIVE but not to be submissive.
n check who is not speaking ..promote that person to speak anything by drawing
the attention by that u will be able to show your team management skill.. but for that u should have spoken something before this.
n yes TRY TO BE THE FIRST PERSON IN THE GROUP TO SPEAK. that is MAJOR key to success. but its not possible always so speak 2-3 logical sentences with good communication skills. n conclude the topic.

n one more thing is that
u may put ur suggession to the panel.
  the we can break down the session like.
1 fact n definition
2 problems associated with the fact
3 solutions to the problems
4 conclusion
so the we can give equal consideration to all aspects to the topic.
n if u r able to impose THIS. ur chance to get thru will BRIGHT.

(3) TECHNICAL test
tech/test consist of various potion like
there r basic qustions in that but do it carefully question may be confusing..
u may confuse in the options
in java were 25 question.
10 question were of fill in the blanks. NO OPTIONS.
but there were very basic like Synchronised keyword,Runnable interface,
String Buffer Class,Mutable Class,MouseListener Interface etc.

(4)Tech/Personal interview
 its combination of both tech/personal.
be prepare with your final year project. go thru it thoroughly
n prepare with basic question.
u may asked to tell them ur AREA OF INTEREST. so prepare 2-3 subjects thorighly (basics)
  n some typical HR question ur hobby..but REMEMBER one thing if u say
ur hobby is cricket so u should have enough knowledge of cricket..n current score of match (if india is playing at the time anywhere)
so this is all about PATNI COMPUTER SYSTEM.
they may have test in a week or two.