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Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
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Preeti Ajgaonkar
I got into patni Computer Systems.

I want to thank Friends ma\'am for setting up this group which has been very useful.I got to know about the walk-in information from here itself. Also, suri sir for his inspiring messages.
Also to all the members who diligently provide information about job openings and their achievements, thank you very much.

they had 4 rounds viz:-
1) Aptitude test
2) Technical test ( C )
3) Group Discussion
4) Personal Interview.

Each round is an elimination round.

For Aptitude test,
there were 40 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. Questions were based on geometry, profit and loss, percentages and arithmetic.

For technical test, it was completely on C. There were 30 questions to be solved in 30 minutes. For most of the questions, a few lines of code were given, and the output/result of the code was to be determined. There were 7-8 True - False type of questions.

For Group Discussion, they divided us into groups of 10, gave us a topic, and we had to discuss for 20 minutes. At the end of the it, the instructor would select 1 person who should summarize the entire discussion.

For Personal Interview, They made us fill up a form, and then generally asked us about our answers which we had given.
Questions include : Strengths/ weaknesses, career goals, about being transferred to another location etc. Moreover, i was also asked about the type of books i read and current affairs. They also go through the resume in detail and asked about extra-curricular activities.

Well, i am glad that i made it. As for the experience, i feel, any one can make it. The only thing that should be kept in mind is, i guess, one should be prepared. I don\'t mean that one has to do extensive preparation, but just brushing up of important topics in maths, revising concepts of C, learnt earlier should be enough. As for GD/PI, confidence is important.