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Oracle Financial Services Software for Associate Consultant Interview Process - NIT Jamshedpur & 13th September 2016
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OFSS recruited for two posts - Application Developer and Associate Consultant.

It was open for circuital branches and Mechanical in non-circuital. It was a pool campus recruitment, for both NIT Jamshedpur and BIT Mesra. The online test was conducted in respective colleges but interviews were held at NITJsr.

Round 1: Online Test.

The online test was same for both App developer and consultant. It has various sections of aptitude and coding. In case you are interested in the post of associate consultant, to solve the questions of coding, you need to apply the logic. Hard core programming knowledge is not required. Be perfect with Data structures (the questions asked in my test were entirely based on Trees). There was a section for flow chart questions. Aptitude included quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, and logical reasoning. Also there was a separate section for verbal Ability which consisted of paragraph reading and easy questions like changing from active to passive voice and vice versa, articles, etc. The questions are not so easy to crack and at the same time not very difficult. A proper time management and cool mind are all that you need!

Those candidates who performed well in coding were short listed for App developer and those in aptitude for consultant. Some were short listed for both the profiles, but later they were asked to choose one profile.

Round 2: Technical Interview.

It was one to one interview. The interviewer was very cool. Be confident while answering! He asked me about various elective subjects I had throughout my course and the reason why I chose those.Later he asked me to explain my summer internship. He posed few questions on DBMS like E-R model, triggers, and Functional dependencies. He did not ask me to write any query.But other interviewers asked my friends to write queries. Because my resume showed I am good at Mathematics, he asked me few aptitude questions which I solved easily. He did not ask me any coding questions other than a simple program on finding out prime numbers in a given input of size n.

Round 3: HR Interview.

The HR manager was very friendly. This round was one-to-one too! No puzzle questions were asked to any of the candidates who were interviewed in HR round. Make sure you maintain your smile throughout your interview and also make it interactive. For example, the manager asked me how my day was. I said it was bit exciting because I cleared technical interview, bit nervous, very tiring day because we had to wait until morning and mentioned he must be tired too because he was the only person interviewing both App developers and consultants. He replied saying that was so kind of me to ask about his whereabouts. He asked me about life before joining engineering and after, achievements, failures, whether I am flexible to work in any location, interest in higher studies, how I react if situation goes out of hand and how do I deal with a colleague who is from tier-1 and lower tier college. Make sure to give a handshake before interview and at the end of interview.

From both colleges around 10-15 people were selected for the post of associate consultant. I am fortunate to be one of them.