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Oracle Interview Experience - Mumbai, 15 September
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Selection process:

1. Aptitude Test.

The duration of the aptitude test was 150 mins.

It consisted of questions from Data Structures, Verbal Aptitude, Software Engineering (Complexity, DBMS, Programming Logic),Analytical Aptitude(Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Attention to Detail and Programming Flowchart).

Totally 21 from the college (6 form IT) cleared the aptitude.

2. Technical Interview.

The technical and the HR interview took place at Thakur College of Engineering where 160 people had come from all colleges across Mumbai.

I was asked questions mostly from my Resume. The first question was tell me about yourself.
He then asked me about android since I had done an internship on android. What are activities ? What are intents ? Describe your app? He then asked me about my BE project. I explained my project in a very interesting manner. He then asked me questions on Java. What are Generics? What are design patterns? Is there something in Python you cannot do in Java? Explain with an example how python is more powerful than java.

Overall my technical interview was very good.

3. HR Interview.

Oracle is a bit choosy so HR interview is also very important.

The HR interview was tricky. Tell me about yourself. What do your parents do? Why don\'t you join your dad\'s business? What interviews have you sat for ? Do you want to do an MBA? I said MBA is a back up plan if I don\'t get a job? So the next question was why do you think you wont get a job?Do have any problems relocating ?I had TCS on the same day. So asked me are you going to sit for TCS? I was honest here and he probably liked that.

Totally 30 students were selected.