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Oracle Financial Services Interview Pattern - Pune, 20th October 2014.
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Rutuja Bamdale
Hi all, I attended OFSS interview in Pune on 20th October. They took aptitude test first and shortlisted 8 candidates from my college.

Aptitude had three sections:

1) Logical Reasoning.

2) Quantitative Section.

3) Computer Science.

No negative marking was there.

As I am from E&Tc background Comp science section was hard for me. Though I marked ll the answers.

I got selected for interview which was after 3 days. Interview had two rounds:

1) Technical.

2) HR.

In technical round I was asked about BE project. Then basics of data structures, trees, links etc. I was also asked about image processing and information theory from Entc. I got selected for next round then.

HR round was very good as both HRs were cool. They asked me why I want to join OFSS? Did I sit for any other software companies? What are my expectations from them? My hobbies? It was only 15 minutes interview. I got selected by them and only few days before I got offer letter. Best luck to ll of you!