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Oracle financial software services ltd(ofss) - Mumbai, 12/11/2014
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Hello friends!

Before sharing the companies process, I would like to say something whole about placements; placements phase is very stressful for some students because even after have great aggregates and giving the best they can\'t makeup to their dream company. So please calm down don\'t lose hopes and keep trying because you never now you may get the better ones you never thought of.

Now about the ofss placement process:

1. Aptitude test (90 mins-75 questions).
2. Technical round.
3. HR round.

1. Aptitude test.

It consist of 4 sections:

I) Analytical skill/logical (20-quest).
II) Quantitative (20-quest).
III) Basic technical (20-quest).
IV) Verbal (15-quest).

All the sections are manageable if you are solving from any standard book. For quants its important to practise all topic because questions are from all topic.

*Make sure you get maximum correct answer from all sections. Go through all questions of all sections and solve easy section and easy questions first.

*Its not important to solve all questions but its important to get maximum correct answer.

2. Technical round:

Theres nothing to worry about this round if you are good at basic of core subjects. Eg. Concepts of oops for IT students polymorphism, data hiding etc. Database etc.

Just be confident and clear about what you are answering.

*Its not important to be correct always in your interview it\'s just a way to judge how confident you are and polite enough to accept if you don\'t something.

3. HR round:

Don\'t think if you passed technical round you will get selected. Because this company is very choosy. Just be positive and give it your best.

Basic HR questions are asked.


Introduction, why should we hire, achievements etc.

*Self assessment is very important before going for any HR interview.

*Do your how of knowing about the companies work and other details.

*For this company its every important that you fill its application form sincerely and mention the details wisely, because most of question will be asked from the form.

** Now some personal placement experience this was my 10th company. I was not able to get in for many companies that came before. The only thing kept me going is being positive and thinking some best thing is waiting for you.

So have faith in your capabilities. Thats it! :D.