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Oracle Financial Services Software - Kolkata, 03/09/2014
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Satajeet Biswas
Hi friends, I am from Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. I would like to share my interview experience with OFSS.

The recruitment process consisted of three rounds:.

1. The aptitude test: This was an online test, consisting of 4 sections namely Analytical, Quantitative, Verbal Ability and Computer Science. The first three parts were easy if you practice from Arun Sharma or indiabix. Com website itself. The computer science portion also contained the basics of C, C++, Java, OS, DBMS. If you know the basics of them I am sure you can.

Attempt all questions. This test will mainly test your speed. Practice as much as you can, then I am sure you will get all correct. I did not know OS or DBMS still I got selected, which means the basics only will suffice.

Before the technical interview, we had to fill up a form, spend some time in filling it up properly, it will matter.

2. Technical Interview: Firstly, I would like to state that I am from a non-CSE/IT background. So I only know the basics of programming. The interviewer was very cool and my experience was also very good. The questions were as follows:

1. Tell me something about yourself (Just prepare what you are going to say, many time in your mind/ at home).

2. What is an algorithm? (Said the definition, then he asked to explain it with an example, I used Fibonacci series example and spent a lot of time explaining that).

3. He gave a puzzle (We have 8 weights: 7 equal 1 unequal, in what minimum iteration we can find out the unequal one).

4. What is data structure?

5. What is linked list?

6. What are the types of sorting algorithms, explain any 1 of them. (I used bubble sort).

7. He gave another puzzle (we have three glasses: 7L, 10L, 3L; the 10L glass is full of water, how can we get 5L by using these 3 glasses).

8. What is memory class? (I did not know this, so he asked if I knew calloc malloc to which I said I knew).

9. He asked the difference between calloc and malloc.

Okay, of these questions I could not solve the 2 puzzles, so he said to try both of them outside for 1 minute more. I came out tried and got the right answer to both. At the end of the interview, he said, " I am really impressed", I replied, "Thank you, sir!".

HR Interview: This was a short interview, which went as follows:

1. We spent a few moment on my name, significance of my name: that was funny and awkward.

2. Tell me something about yourself (I mentioned my strengths and weaknesses).

3. She asked me a question on my weakness, like how would I tackle that.

4. In my form I wrote I am genuine so she asked why I said so.

5. My family background.

6. She said that I should spent more time on projects, we discussed on that.

7. She asked if I had any questions.

Some suggestions: For aptitude its just practice, practice and more practice. For computer science aptitude for non-cse/it student: know about the basics of C, C++, Java, ds, Algorithms. I only knew the basics and it helped me a lot.

For technical interview, be confident, have a friendly attitude, put your best self forward. Be positive. And answer all the questions correctly or atleast try. The interview for me was very good and helpful. He helped me or changed the question whenever I got stuck or could not answer. If know the basics of coding it will really help, as you can see from my questions. And also solve puzzles, everyone was asked asked some puzzle and got evaluated on that.

For hr interview, all I can say be yourself, hide nothing from the interviewer. Keep smiling.