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Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS) - Nov. 2013
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Hie. I want to share my experience of the selection process of OFSS. The company visited my campus in Nov. 2013. Around 120 students appeared in the written test and finally 9 were selected. I am happy to share that I was one of the selected ones.

Now, about the process of selection:

It consisted of three rounds:

1. Written round-consisted of sections comprising of:
A.) Arithmetic and Logical Reasoning - 40 questions in 40 mins.

This aptitude section was itself in 2 sections each having 20 questions to be done in 20 mins. One section has questions on trains, time and work, problems on ages, P&C, Time and Distance, Ratio and Proportions, Boat and Streams. Second section consisted of questions more from Profit and Loss and some were from the above mentioned topics.

The questions were easy but you should be confident and have some practice of these types before appearing in exam. Consider time as the most important factor.

B.) Basic Engineering Aptitude - 35 questions in 35 mins.

In this section questions were from basic OS concepts, DBMS, SQL queries, Object-Oriented Concepts, Basic C/C++ Concepts.

Object-Oriented Concepts were not asked directly but their practical implementations were asked in the form of MCQ\'s.

C.) Advanced Coding Section - 20 questions in 40 mins.

It consisted of an example of a situation which was incompletely implemented in JAVA. Certain questions were given based on the condition. This section was basically to test your skills and concepts of JAVA. If you program in C++ then also attempting this section was not a big deal.

D.) Flow-Chart Based - 5 questions in 10 mins.

An incomplete flow chart was given along with a condition and based on that condition you have to complete the flow-chart. It was quite easy and you will be able to complete it within 6-7 mins.

E.) English round - 20 questions in 20 mins.

Questions in this section were very easy. It consisted of simple correct grammatical mistakes, usage of words in sentences type questions.

This round is the elimination round and once you have moved to the next question within a section itself, you can not go back to change the answer. So be very careful while attempting the questions. Do not devote too much time for the questions you are not sure about. There is no negative marking. So you can make guesses.

In my college 44 cleared this round.

2. Now, comes the Technical interview:

In this round you may be asked anything from your CV. So, prepare it well. Puzzles can be asked depending upon the interviewer. Questions on basic DBMS, OS, JAVA were asked.

First I was asked about my family background. Then some general questions from my CV. Then he asked me about my Major Project. I explained everything. He then asked its practical use and in what backgrounds it can be used. Then he asked for some innovative project. Then he asked for any hard-core tech project. I told everything. Then he told me that my profile was more suitable for research works but this company was about product designing and all and not research oriented. So, I told him about my interest in the work related to the profile of the company. There were no expressions on his face and he asked me to leave.

3. I came out half-hearted and was thinking that may be I won\'t be qualifying this round. I was just chatting with my friends in canteen when a volunteer called my friend to inform that I have my HR round in 5 mins. I ran towards the interview room where I was asked to wait for sometime. Then started my HR round. This round is basically to test your ability to convey your thoughts.

The interviewer was a lady. She asked me to sit down and asked about my family background. Then she asked a hobby of mine in which I take the most interest in doing. Then we talked about it for 5 mins. Then she asked me the difference between hard-work and smart-work. Then she asked me to explain my major project to her without using even a single technical term. She was very impressed with my answer.

Then she asked me if I had any questions for her. I asked her about my interview. She said it will be against the policies if she tells how my interview was. So she told that the results will speak. I came out. And at the end of the day they announced the results. Overall 9 students were selected.

Happy reading and all the best :).