Placement Papers - ORACLE

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July/2003 oracle freshers paper. I heard that there are many paper sets.
my question paper is dated as July/2003 on the top.

consists of 45 questions 45 minutes.
15 java
15 SQL and PL/SQL
15 C (including data structures).

A little bit tough.
some of the questions i remembered are

1. question on bubble sore
2. quick sort complexity
3. heap sort SPACE complexity.

4. char *p = "Oracle India";
  p[5] == \'l\' ? printf("Orcle") : printf("India")

5. main()
  int i=5;
recursive(int u)
   if(u > 0 )
   printf("%d", u);

6. question on function pointer.
      char *(*(*x())[])()
7. GRANT command question
8. about MINUS set operator.


9. RandomAccessFile
10. super class base class simple question
11. what is overridden
12. StringBUffer question

overall test
  1. questions on java are based on oops concepts and
    some are language based like StringBuffer class, RandomAccessFile
    and File classes.
  2. SQL/PLSQL,  see all commands in SQL and exception, cursors, in PLSQL.
  3. c is fine, but you should be fast in finding out answers so that you can spend
    time on other questions.
  4. i didn\'t get arithmetic questions.