Placement Papers - ORACLE

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Hi Friends

This is the oracle paper held yesterday here at NITk surathkal.
The test has 2 sections : 30 technical and 30 aptitude and 60 min time.

Technical Section:
its very easy any one can answer 25 qns without preperation. some are
1. how compiler treats variables of recursive functions
2. what is orthogonal matrix?
3. given two tables and asked 2 qns on those table, one is on join and another is on NOT IN
4. given some qns on pointers( pretty easy)
5. given five qns on data structures like , lifo, fifo
6. qtn on primary key
7. how NULL in sql is treated?
8. given a doubly linked list and asked r->left->right->data
  ans: r->data
9:explain const char *ptr and char *const ptr
remaining i didn`t remember

15 quant apti from rs agrval
15 verbal apti,
in this 4 are odd word out
and 4 are sentese ordering when jumbled senteses given
and 4 are reasoning

that\'s all test is very easy, only u need to prep for interview (really tough a bit)