Placement Papers - ORACLE

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Hello Friends

I got selected in campus placements by Cognizant. I\'ve been the member of the group since 3 months. But this is my first mail to the group.

Long back I applied to Oracle online. They called me for test on friday. I was told that it was only test and interviews would be after 4 to 5 days. So I went there with beard, chappals and jeans. Totally unprepared. I got through the test and to my surprise interviews started immediately.

The first tech interview was for 3 hours and they asked me to write programs in the editor and they exectuted them and saw the results. Fortunately the programs worked. Second tech interview was for 1 hour. Then there was a third interview for 3 hours. Friday was over and they asked me to come on monday again. On monday there was another tech interview and finally an HR. They sent me the offer letter yesterday. In total there were 4 tech interviews and 1 HR apart from the test.