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National Thermal Power Corporation
NTPC Sample Paper 2007 At New Delhi
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PAPER : NTPC Sample Paper 2007 At New Delhi
For this section no special attention is required only rs aggarwal is enough and it also has easy level of English section.

For this section u have to b good in the basics. No hard question were asked but u should b careful about your time . It has also some part of very basic general knowledge. The questions were from following topics

10-12 q about microprocessor(8085)
3 q abt RS232 standard
7-10 q of GK
4-6 q of opamp
10-15 q of digital comm..
2-5 q of microwave
15-20 q of analog devices
20-23 q of digital electronics(flip flops,gates,mux,no system etc)
1 q of ISO OSI model
5-8 q of control system
10-12 q of signals and their processing

passage for comp
word meaning based (antonym and synonyms) fetter, fester, lucid, anomaly, elucidate etc
word analogy based
what is a tunnel diode
wht is a zener diode
effect of + and " feedback on stability
composition of gobar gas
function of differential in the vehicle
function of stack register
fun of instruction pointer
fun of rst6.5,7.5
wht is an interrupt
output vtg calc on op amp
how a pulse train can b generated using registers
conversion of oct to hex,hex to binary
fun of quantizer in pcm
why fm is less prone to noise
fun of limiter in detection of FM
wht is envelop detector
phase shift of 1/s^2
signal limited to 1000 hz sampled at nyquist rate.quantizer has 128 level .calculate the bit rate of the system.
1.5 V battery supply same power to R1 and R2 separately(R1>R2).calc the internal resistance of battery a wire is cut in two halves. one half is again stretched to th twice of length .calc the resistance.