Placement Papers - Mphasis

Mphasis - ABC For Technology Training ( BTM Layout ) on 07/02/2020.
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Aryan Raj
Job Profile: Specialization Trainee (Level 1).

Based on your AMCAT Score they directly go through with round 2 as SVAR communication test.

Round 2:

SVAR communication test - Basically, you are given to call and a letter. They only test your English communication.

Round 3:

In HR Round Question like.

1. Tell me Something about yourself ?
2. Why should we hire you ?
3. Why Mphasis ?
4. If you are not selected then what was your plan "B".
5. Where you want to see in the next 5 years?
6. Any Questions?

The next day on 08. 02. 2020 I got a mail from Mphasis Fresher Hiring Team!

That, I will have to reach at Mphasis Ltd, Global Village SEZ, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore.

Final Discussion - Post-training interview Technical and HR panel.

1. Tell me Something about yourself?
2. What are Services? and how to open Services where I supposed to disabled automatic Windows updates function?
3. What is DHCP?
4. Explain IP Address ?
5. Latest Version of Linux?
6. Explain Server?
7. OSI Model?
8. What do you know about Cloud Computing ?
9. Explain Your final Year Project.
10. Can you speak about your four years college journey ?

I have answered all the questions !

Interviewer Said: Ok that\'s Enough!
He told me about the training programs.
Salary and all!

Not easily get approvals for leaves.
General Talk about the company!
Finally, He told me to go & wait for the HR instructions!

And unfortunately, they told me that I have been rejected.