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Mphasis Interview Experience - Jabalpur 12/01/2018
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Aditya Rajak
Hello, Everyone, I will tell you about my interview experience with Emphasis. The company came to my college for the position of Software Engineer Associate. There was total 4 round in the selection process. Each round is the elimination round and for we had to clear all rounds to get selected.

-> Round 1 (Written Test)

Round one consist of the written test. There are in total four sections in the test they are:

(a) English Test.
(b) Computer Knowledge test.
(c) Aptitude Test.
(d) Logical reasoning test.

-> English test consists of the Reading Comprehension, Tenses, Speech, Antonyms & Synonyms etc.

-> Computer Knowledge Test includes the questions related to the Data structure, OS, C++, and Networking etc.

-> Aptitude test consist of the questions from the speed time & distance, work and time, questions based on HCF and LCM, Number system etc.

-> The Logical reasoning test consists of the questions based on the Directions, blood relation, Seating arrangement, Syllogs etc.

Trust me this is not an easy round the test has been taken by Amcat (aspiring Minds) and out of 104 Candidates only 13 were selected and luckily I am one of those.

Round 2 (SWAR ROUND):

This round would be easy for you if you know how to speak English. Well in this round you will get the sheet by the examiner after clearing the written section. You are provided a landline or you can also give the test with your own smartphone so please carry an earphone (Because I forgot to take that :) Lol) The sheet consist of the sections which are as followed:

-> Section A:

In this section, you had to repeat the sentence written on paper given to you IVR over the phone guide you to repeat the sentences with their number after the Beep. This is very easy round take the pause where it\'s needed. You can easily do it if you are having a habit of reading English. Paper with instructions is given before so do some practice before giving this section.

-> Section B:

In section B you will hear some of the sentences from the other end and all you had to do is just repeat the sentence after the beep. Try to listen to the sentences very carefully because you will hear them only once.

-> Section C:

In this section, you will hear the conversation between two peoples and then the question will be asked from that conversation make sure you will listen very carefully.

-> Section D:

In this section, there are some errors in the sentence all you had to do is identify the errors in the sentence and answer them with the keypad by pressing 1,2,3 or 4 after following the options told by IVR.

-> Section E:

This is a grammar-based section the IVR will ask you antonyms and synonyms of the word. You have to give the answer by typing on the Keypad.

-> Section F:

A topic is given to you and you had to speak for the 45 Second on the topic followed by the beep. A time of 30 seconds has been giving to you to think and then beep buzz and then you had to start speaking.

This round takes places for 15-20 Minutes we have to score minimum 50 marks out of 100. The computer check your voice to make sure that your voice should be loud and clear.

Out of 13 only 8 were selected.

-> Round 3 ( Technical Round):

The technical guy is very friendly I am bit scared but he is taking me to the comfortable position. Firstly he asks me apart from studies and technical stuff what you know and what are your interests! I told him about that I am doing a freelancing in Some forums then he asked me about that what will you do if you don\'t get the Android update on your device how you resolve the issue etc. I explain him about the kernel of the Android phones when he asked me about it. Then he asked me about my project I explained him about that very well.Then he ended up the Technical interview. I feel so lucky that this interview was easy for me.

Out ft, 8 candidates, 5 were selected for the HR Round and I am one of them.

-> Round 4 (HR Round):

HR round is now just a kind of formality He asked me to Introduce myself. I did this very well! Then he asked why I want to join Mphasis in which I explained that it has a very good working environment etc and then he talks about the location of the job In which I agree for any place. He ended up the Interview by saying the joining will be from June itself and there is a bond etc.

At last 5 were selected out of 104 and I am one of them!

Hope this review! Good Luck!