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Mphasis Interview Experience - Bengaluru 24/10/2016
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Rijuta Ghosh
Applied through college placement office. They had 3 rounds of the interview process- Aptitude( AMCAT), Communication round (versant) and Technical ( along with HR).

Aptitude had Quant 14 questions in 16 minutes (time & work, trains, logs, permutation & combination,speed time & distance, averages, number system, ratio & proportion,percentage,etc).

25 English questions in 25 minutes (RC, para jumbles, synonyms, error correction, antonyms, etc)
25 reasoning in 25 minutes.

Technical questions ( debugging, trees, graphs, data structure, few networking questions, etc).

It was an adaptive test meaning with each correct answer, next question will be tougher.All were multiple choice questions.

Out of about 600 students, 25 were selected.

Next was communication round where you have to listen to some passages through call and answer accordingly, grammar questions asked in call and finally, speak about a given topic in the phone for 30 seconds to an automated robot. Use a paper to write keywords which will be helpful.

12 students were selected.

Finally, Technical round.

Basically, I spoke about Project. Explain in detail. Technologies interested in. Asked about Html,CSS,Javascript. Told to write simple programs in HTML ( as I had mentioned in resume).
Asked to write string program in C to extract strings in ascending order. Explained the logic too.

Asked about Bitwise operators, few questions from Java.
Mostly I spoke about Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency (watched the show The Startup)

Whether willing to work in testing? why ?
Will I leave after to open startups?
Why am I joining here when my ideas and dreams are bigger than this company?

Finally, told about Traf-o-data, Bill Gates\' (1970) 1st company about how it stores the number of cars passing in a busy road which basically sealed the deal for me.

5 students were finally selected. 1 of them :)

Thanks for reading and All the Best. It really is a wonderful world out there. Held your head high, nothing to worry my friend :) and trust me when I say so (I have seen a lot ;). Everywhere there is an opportunity, keep looking!