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Mphasis Interview Experience - Tirupati 4/10/2017
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It was Oct 4 2017, All the eligible candidates gathered at auditorium of sree vidyanikethan engineering college, Tirupati.

I was one among them. Nearly 600 students are ready to write the exam.

1) Written Test :

The exam is all about amcat pattern. Simple questions from maths, english , reasoning. One who have basic knowledge of it can clearly crack the test. 120 students qualified in it.

2) Telephonic interview :

They send a mail to the selected candidates about telephonic interview process. It consists of 5 or 6 sections.

Ist : sentence reading nearly 10 sentences.
2nd : sentence listening. We are supposed to listen the sentence and we repeat the same sentence.

3rd : conversation between two persons. Based on conversation we want to answer the questions.
4th: synonyms and antonyms.

5th : They give one topic bases on it we want to speak for 30sec.

Computer based interview no need worry, good listening skills required that\'s all.

First day of interview process completed. I qualified in both rounds and promoted to last round that is technical interview.

Only 30 members are selected for final round.

3) Technical Interview :

The HR is very nice. I greeted him in a pleasing manner. He taken my resume.

And stared asking questions based on what I kept in resume.
What is the difference between primary key and unique key?
What is the use of private function in C++?
Write syntax of inner join?
Write the program of fibanocci series?
Why we use structures in C?
I answered all questions.
Then he asked any queries to ask.
I said nothing and am clear about our company.

After 15 Mins later all candidates interview over.

They selected only 10 and I am one among them.