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Mphasis Interview Experience - Gudur(Andhra pradesh), Jan 2016
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Hi. I am Vineeth. Here is my interview experience in Mphasis.

Initially selection process starts by written test which is going to conduct by AMCAT.

People who crack it will have to face two rounds.

1. Technical and Hr round.
2. Versant test.

Written exam contains four modules.

1. Aptitude.
2. Reasoning.
3. English.
4. Basic questions on computer science.

In my opinion written exam is the toughest round because here mass elimination will be done.

People who got through this round will have 90% chance to get placed.

Coming to technical round.

In this round, Interviewer focus on our core subject knowledge. I think it is easy for CSE guys but most of the questions are from our resume.

As I mentioned Cloud computing in my resume most of my questions are from cloud. So they will ask questions from our resume.

Very few from core subjects like, difference between UNION AND UNION ALL.

Results announced after an hour. I cleared it.

Now it\'s time for versant test:

Versant test is purely based on our communication skills where we are supposed to speak to a computer and do according to it\'s instructions.

As the test is conducted by machine it is easy to crack it. Because it is just a machine
it only focus on our pronunciation and word stress.

We can score maximum of our marks in last two modules where we need to say a story. Irrespective of topic given by machine just highlight the key words and use the sentences given in your versant test paper.

In my case I had given a topic on "woman harassment " I didn\'t bother about the topic I just make sure that I am highlighting words like woman and harassment and constructed my sentence by using words given in the versant test paper. I got 53 marks out of 80.

That\'s it I cracked it.

Just smart work guys.

Please make sure that you didn\'t write anything on the versant paper.

Work hard friends because intelligence may fail sometimes but hard work never.