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Mphasis Interview Experience - Sasi College, Tadepalligudem 2016
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Hi Guys,

I attended pool drive conducted @ Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering. It consists of 3 rounds namely,

- Online written test (AMCAT).
- Interview and Versant round.

Written has Quant, logical and Programming questions. Quant and logical are easily cracked. Check previous AMCAT questions for programming questions. Around 1500+ attended and only 117 cleared the written test. Don\'t worry when you have good preparation with R.S Agarwal.

Tips for interview:

Be perfect with your resume, most asked question is about your project and if you\'re Non-IT he will ask you why IT company. Answer it confidently and try to convince him. Prepare programs like fibonacci series, palindrome, armstrong number, factorial, prime number, to print a string given in a row into a column. Example: "India is Great" should be printed as,


He may also ask HR questions like selected for any company? Willing to work on shifts? Relocate?

If you clear the Interview round, you will have versant round which is the final round. People who watch English films will have advantage as you have to understand the foreign slang of different voices.

All the best!!!