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Motorola India Fresher Placement Test Paper
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Paper : Motorola India Fresher Placement Test Paper

Company Name : Motorola India

Job profile was writing codes/programs for its mobile, job location banglore. test paper consisted of 30 objective questions. most of them were electronics, 3 C programs-find out mistakes from them.

In one of them an int type variable was assigned value using function: int i= func(), however the function was not declared earlier. One question was on enum declaration enum a ( a=1,b,c=2,d; ) what is value of b?

Binary tree was given and its output when printed in inorder,post order pre order The chapter miscellaneous features oc c in let us c by yashwant kanetkar proved to be useful electronics questions- One question was to find swr. fourier transform of contionuous Periodic, Contionuous Aperiodic, Discreet Periodic Periodic discrete aperiodic signal is-(match the following type of question) Which of the following type of AM requires least power ssb veatigial side band dsb suppressed carrier iir filter is an all pole all zero no poles poles and zeros Question based on the x(k) =x(N-k) property of dft.

Who is the global brand ambassador of motorola? Interview Questions-Tell us about yourself. Describe and give functions of layers in internet-application,transport etc .what happens in cyclic redundancy chek.than he asked do you know sliding window protocol .(ans-no) what is AM,FM,CDMA.(when i told that codes are orthogonal in CDMA than he asked what is orthogonality)why do AM waves propogate farther than fm.what happens in GSM(i.e fdma or tdma) Few people were questioned on dsp,c programs or/and there projects.

Told to implement a boolean equation using nand gates. then questions on C.

No of Rounds : Client/Manager Interview