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Miracle Software Systems Interview Experience - May 26, 2015
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Winners Mind
Hi Folks,

I am Very happy to Place my experience before you.

I selected as a Software Trainee in the family of Miracle Software Systems Inc. , Vizag.

I selected to this company through Off campus Interview held in Andhra University 2015.

Nearly 2000 members are attended to the interview but only 100 members are selected, it is happy to say that I am also included in that gang.

Interview Pattern 3 rounds.

1. Aptitude and English Written Test.
2. Programming Written Test.
3. Technical HR round.

Round 1:

In this round simple questions are asked like fill with #the, #a, #an and some grammar mistakes to correct, simple knowledge is sufficient to clear this round.

Apart from this some of the Aptitude questions are embedded in this section like #train, #work, #proportion and logical reasoning questions.

Luckily I got 8/12 marks (Qualified).

Round 2:

This Written exam it\'s difficult from First one. Depth questions are asked from C, data structures, java and database. If you have basic knowledge on oops concept then you can easily analyze the answer. Find expected output from given program. Mainly on.

C-pointers, increment and decrement operators, structures, files and DS.

Java- exceptions, packages, constructor, polymorphism, jvm.

Dbms-queries and normalizations.

I got cleared to next round. Next hr.

Round 3:

It is Technical HR. Easy but hard.

1. Tell me about yourself Which is not in resume.
2. Why software jobs, why miracle, your 2015 pass out what is the need to do job.
3. Family background.
4. Goals, strengths, Weakness, Relocations, Bond, expecting salary etc.

After they concentrated what I kept in my resume. How much I am trusted.

Technical skills what I wrote in my resume they asked on that like, Servlets, php, .Net, Oracle, Html, CSS.

After finishing all the rounds. They announced the result.

After that they given us to CALL LETTER.

Now I am a family member of miracle. Feeling proud.

Thank you.