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Miracle Software Systems, Inc - Visakhapatnam Apr 7, 2015.
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Hi all of you,

This is Anone.

I attended for Miracle Software Systems, Incoff campus drive on apr 7, 2015 .

I cleared all rounds and finally I got selected for Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

So I want to share my experience with you guys.

First of all thanks to INDIABIX site ,who gave me a lot of stuff for written&technical.

The process is:

1. Aptitude written.
2. Tech written.
3. Tech interview.
4. HR interview.
5. CEO Round.

As usual we attended 1800 members out of thm 80 members are selected for job.

In the first written round consists of 45 bits (arithmetic+reasoning+eng+data sufficiency) in 45 min.
After this session immediately after tech wrtn 46 bits 45 mins

These two rounds are so important. They will decide our job.
In my experience arithmetic written is very tough bits but I covered little better
And tech wrtn is also little tough some previous papers bits also came.

Among 1200 members 30 members are cleared these 2 rounds.

Next tech interview.
Generally basics only. This round is purely depend on us.

In my round:

Interviewer : Tell me about yourself?
me       : I told........browsing internet, listening music.

Interviewer : Browsing what?

Interviewer : Well whats favourite subject?(more than 3).
me       : C, C++, Java, Oracle.

Now he asked me various questions covering all those subjects what I told.

Some sample questions are :

What is normalization?
What is polymorphism?
What is virtualisation?
What is indexes?

Like this around 45 mins my TR going on.

friends those who ar from CSE it background please prepare normalisation very very very important. just if u wnt to knw these concepts pls download videos in youtube.

And finally I cleared this round successfully.

Among 30 members 22 are cleared TR round.

Now hr round its so easy general questions, about company profile.
In 22 we 15 members are cleared HR round also.

Now last round is psychometric test.
Actually nobody knows about this round. Wt to prepare for this also we don\'t know. They gave one day gap and asked to come to their office.

We 15 member want and 13 member cleared this round also.

I want to tell you what round is this.
It is 30 min duration exam.
It consists of 5 sub exams each 5-6 mins.

All these are very very very easy but only thing is your mind is working accurate, fast, logical thinking will be considered.

Sample bits are,

a   d    f   w

A   z    F   Q

How many cols are matched (like a-A, f-F) ans is 2.
Such type of bits they will give you 60 you can answer as much as possible in 3 mins.

I like this only all five exams.

So friends my advice is don\'t prepare any thing for this round just build up confidence it will wins you.

Oh my god at final I was in the selected list..

Waiting & patience are so important actually I attended 5 companies last company this one.

Thank god Thank IndiaBix.

Ok anybody have chance in cmc we will meet there.
I\'m waiting for you guys.
All the best.