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Mindtree Interview Experience - Hyderabad, November 30, 2015
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Shaik Habeebunnisa
Hello everyone,
I got shortlisted for the Mindtree drive through AMCAT. After getting good score in AMCAT all the shortlisted candidates had to go through the coding exam. The coding exam had 2 questions to be solved. The language one can use here is C or C++ or JAVA. I choose C. There were 2 questions, one was a pattern question and the other was to a mainly a loop based question.
I executed one program. In the evening I received the call letter for the interview. There were 2 rounds of interview.

1) Technical.
2) HR.

In the technical interview main focus was on the basic programs and our academic project. Few of my friends were asked questions from OS, Network Security also. They informed us about the technical results after 15 minutes. After this I was called for the HR interview where they asked me self introduction and whether I was willing to relocate for which I answered positively.

And then finally I was given the letter of intent, informed my family and friends about the selection.

The only advice I would like to give is to do your best and even then you didn\'t get what you wanted, then God has planned something even better for you. So never be disappointed.