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Mindtree Interview Experience - Hyderabad, December 1, 2015
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Hi friends,

I was shortlisted to mind tree through Amcat.

In Amcat they mainly concentrated on automata programming.

I was called for final round which is technical/HR round. First I was given a paper and pen. He asked me to tell about myself which I answered with confidence then he went in to mini project as I have mentioned about it in tell me about yourself.. I was asked few questions on mini project which I explained then he went into questions on C and Java which are very basic. I was asked to write 5 programs in C.

1. Palindrome.
2. Pascal triangle.
3. Reverse string.
4. Linked list.
5. Bubble sort.

Then he asked few questions on sql mainly on joins and about deadlocks, inheritance concepts.

Then I was asked to write program in Java for inheritance concept Any kind of inheritance. The interview is done. After few minutes I got selected for HR round.

They asked only one question tell me about yourself. I was given offer letter.