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Microsoft Interview Questions - GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, October30, 2011
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Microsoft paper 2011

Written pattern for the s/w developers and testing:

Duration: 1hr30 mins
Each section 45 mins.

After 45mins omr sheet will be taken for the section-A. Rough work space given so you
can write over there but don\'t use back pages as it is meant for section-B .

Mertitrac conducted this test, they are the assement trainees for microsoft written test.

2 sections


MCQ\'s : 15 questions, +3marks correct answer, -1 mark for wrong answer

Mostly basics relating to datastructures and os.

1. lru concept one question
2. one aptitude question

How many 4 digit numbers even have no repeted digits?

3. Tree concept question based on, traversal inorder and preorder given have to find out root node .

4. Prime number finding function with 4 assumptions given with values underlined. Have to choose best possible replacement to make it efficient function.

5. Swap function based question

6. Program given and have to find the expected output

7. A program related to binary trees based sorting given, have to find out its time complexity.

Section -B:

This section has 4 questions and each one has 10 marks. and its purely coding section.

1. Write the code for the series eg: If a3b2c4 taken then output should be aaabbcccc

2. Wite a program to find out the sum of the values of the left subtree when the corresponding root node is entered. 

3. Write a test case for the chat messenger application
4. Write a program if given a series of alphabets followed by a numbers then output should be in the alternate order of alphbet followed by number.

Eg: abcd1234defgh8965 then output should be a1b2c3d4 d8e9f6g5 .

All the best guys!