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Microsoft Placement Paper - JNTU College of Engg., Hyderabad, September 13, 2011
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Anilkumar Konam

I have attended the microsoft exam..They gave 10 questions..for 50 marks
questions (1-4): 2 marks each, (5):4 marks,(6-7):5 marks,(8):8 marks,(9-10):10 marks
the exam paper is i=~0;
 uint j=(uint)i;
 The o/p is
 (a)2^31 (b)0 (c)1 (d)2^32

  I.num is a power of 2
  II.num and (num-1) no 1\'s in common
 (a)only I (b)I and II (c)I,II and III (d)none

3.which of the following tests is not a functional testing
 (a)black box testing
 (b)Usability testing
 (c)volume testing
 (d)data validation testing

4."silly window syndrome" occurs in which of the following layer
 (a)Internet layer
 (b)Application layer
 (c)Network layer
 (d)Transport layer

5.Mr.X has a hotel with 50 floors.You are assigned as design engineer for        elevator system.All the guests should not go by the stairs also they should not wait for the elevator.Suggest a design solution which is cost effective and fulfills his requirements.

6.Write a method to fill all the spaces in a string with \'%20\'

7.Write a function to print all the combinations of a string both uppercase and lowercase without altering the position of each letter.
(example "THE",the o/p should be THE,tHE,ThE,THe,thE,etc.)

8.The DELHI airport during winter season is congested with the flights due to foggy environment.The flights that are going to arrive has to wait(keep flying) for the clearance .During this the fuel may be completed.You suggest a solution for the flights and also propose a long term solution for the problem.

9.Two 32-bit integers n and m are given and positions i,j,k,l are given.Write a method to copy the contents of m from position k to l into n from position i to j.
(example n=1010000000,m=10101010,i=3,j=5,k=5,l=7..output=10\'101\'00000)

10.Give all possible test cases to test the basic features of a mobile.

AnilKumar Konam.

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