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Posted By : Satish Rating : +25, -3
Hi Friends

dis is MILESH. I got thru in MASTEK after failing 5 companies prior 2 Mastek and dis d 6th one brought me mental satisfaction. dat memorable day was 6th July 2007 in k.j.somaiya (vidyavihar) wen I got thru.

I jus need 2 mention a simple fact: jus leave behind all ur failures and jus remember ur goin better & learnin after every failure. so cheer up frns & concentrate henceforth.

Selection criteria was above 58 percent widout any backlogs. stages:
1  General aptitude test
2  Technical interview
3  HR interview

MASTEK paper was almost a repetitive paper of previous year. remeber answer sheet was very confusing so better b careful while markin ur ans. now paper was of 3 major sections.

section 1:
dere were 2 subsections containing series questions and simple elementary maths.

section 2:
dere were 3 subsections containin 1 RC(READG COMPREHENSN), 1 relations question (a different question wich u'l find only in MASTEK apti -very, very easy.

1 subsection of FLOWCHARTS. DERE WERE 2 FLOWCHARTS wich u need 2 decode and den ans five questions per flowchart. (challenging subsection. I will advice u 2 attempt dis at d end)

section 3:
pure mathematics questions (total 20 questions)

pls do prepare TIME, WORK, PROFIT-LOSS, PERCENTAGES, AGES dats more dan enough from R.S.AGARWAL.

frns u mus b thinking dat in section1 also I mentioned some maths ques bt dise ques r very-very simple and most of d ques can b solved using common sense.

Total dere r 70 ques(20,30,20) in 70-75 mins. Negative marking of 0.25, No sectional cut-offs

Remember overall cut-off is very-very high approx. 65%. pls b very careful while marking ur ans. bt remember paper is very-very simple.a good logical and cool mind will definitely crack it.

MASTEK is known for its tech.intervw. So first step is study ur resume well. u shuld b able 2 ans all ques arising from ur resume. Be very careful wid ur technical skills and project dat u've appended in ur resume.

My tech intervw lasted for 90 mins. First 15 mins was a kind of HR. Den d game begin.

D interviewer was very chilled out in casuals. he asked me abt my WT PROJECT and specially my contributn in dat project. I was able 2 ans him well.

He den asked me "wat have u learnt from dese 3 years of engg.?"

I answered "sir, as d engg studies r theoretical so v students r not into practical aspect of d subjects studied much derefor trainin phase is very imp. I have learnt 2 manage myself and 2 handle stress well in dese years." (quite a diplomatic ans bt wen u'l read further u'l get 2 kno how I was stress interviewed....)

Den he asked me a question wich was a kind of project 2 me. The ques was if 1 clicks url of reliance den 1 shuld get d required data. Actually ques was very complicated bt I was able 2 debug only dis part of d ques. I asked him2 grant me sum time & he den came aftr 15 mins.

I explained dynamic pages concept 2 him. Lukin his expressn I learnt dat he's not convinced. I thought I'l b kicked out of mastek so I from my side brought 2 his notice dat I kno C, C++, DATA STRUCTURES well. U can consider dis as a very bold gutsy move from my side bt d situatn demanded dis.

Den he asked me wich is d best soting method?
I answered HEAP SORT

I explained heap sort wid an example 2 him.

Den he asked me 1-2 difficult ques wich I culdnt remember as I didn't ansd dem..he was generous enough coz he gav me 20 mins 2 ans dem bt I was unable 2 do so.

Den he told me dat my score is negative, here came my strong points jus pay attention further.

I told him dat since heap sort is creatin problem so we'l choose quick sort and began explainin dat 2 him.

He told me dat am good at marketing and was persuading me 2 go for MBA and not IT BACKGROUND. bt here came my real test and strictly told him dat am NOT plnnin for mba (jus don't reveal ur further studies plan 2 dem-never. If u reveal den sure u'l b rejectd). I told him dat since I am doin my engg in computers so want 2 b an IT PROFESSIONAL for initial part of my career and since every companies inclusive of IT requires marketing. Dis was a smart ans and den he asked me 2 leave.

After cumin out I felt dat mayb il b rejected. bt after 10 mins 2 my surprise he himself came out and told me dat I'v 2 go thru 1 more intervw and asked me 2 wait in dat special room itself. D volunteers told me d guys whor thru for next round r only allowed 2 wait here in dis special place. I den felt much better and much confident for next round.

It was 6:15pm. I had nothing from d morning bt thnx 2 volunteers who gave some biscuits. I was made 2 wait for 2 hrs at a stetch and at 8:20 I was called for HR intervw.

INTERVWER was a young, beautiful lady. She was very-very strong in her English and had n anglo-indian accent.

Den came first ques:
I saw u waitin for quite a long time. How r u feelin now?
Ans: feelin perfect. For me job cums first.

She broke me and told dat dis is wrong attitude ur life is far more imp dan job.
Den I told her dat I want gud job for better secured future.

Den she told me dat don't giv me diplomatic ans, I want concrete ans from u.
I was den a bit nervous bt I kept myself calm and brought myself back 2 track.

Q:Y computers?
I explained d difference btwn COMPS AND IT 2 HER. (ANS:COMPUTERS deals wid both HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE while IT only deals in software. I was fascinated from my 10th std wid computers and wanted 2 kno each & every integral hardware in computer)

Q; Wat is hardware?
I explained it properly 2 her.

Q: wat d first thng u'l do after leavin dis room?
I told her I'l first pack my bag and den I'l have sumthng.

Q: wat new technologies u kno?
I explained her abt BLUERAY DISCS IN detail (blue ray discs r latest discs wid a memory capacity of 4-8 gb).den she broke me in between and asked me

Q: how u keep urself updated?
I told her dat thru newspapers, tv and computers.

Q: wich sites u search for technologies?
I told her dat no special sites as such I jus search on google

Q: wat u kno abt mastek. I mean abt its lates projects?
I explained her abt mastek dat I culd remember and mentioned her abt mastek's LRR PROJECT (BIGGEST . NET PROJECT being workd upon london's congestn and traffic)

Guys pls attend d ppt (pre-placemt talk well and note d imp points. Dis is imp step for any company and not only for mastek)

Q: y mastek shuld hire u?(dis ans of mine is 1 of d most famous ans in my college)
ans: MASTEK as d name suggest is MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY and I want 2 b a master. Apart from hardworking and sincere I seriously follow 3 D'S


Q: wats ur short term goal and long term goal?
Short term goal is 2 b a group leader and 2 b a project head 2 handle various projects
Long term goal is 2 b CEO of d organztn

(she intervened in btwn: )
Q: y CEO wat is CEO and wat does CEO DOES?

ANS: CEO is chief executive officer
CEO actually supervises execution of various activities in d orgnztn.

Q: do u want 2 ask nethng?
(pls here I made a blunder bt luckily had a narrow escape)

ans: I asked how a fresher is absorbd in a company and wat happens in d trainin phase. Is he/she is supervised by any supervisor.

She answered dese ques. den came another ques from my side

I asked "if an employee is not gud in technical and if he's gud in marketing or other stuff den wat opportunities d cmpny provides ?

She answered.den atlast I stopped and was asked 2 leave.

(warning: don't ask many ques like me. Jus ask a simple plain ques widout afectng d prestige of d organizatn and never ever discuss wid d interviewer.)

dis interview lasted for 35-40 mins. Den after 10 mins I was given d news of my life thru an volunteer dat I was selected. It was 9:20 pm

Den at 9:40 I was called for verification of my certificates. Den at 10 pm I was awarded wid n offer letter. Total 26 got placed on 69 shortlisted candidates. By god's grace I was 1 of dem.

Guys jus b wat ur are. Jus b self-confident. dont cross d thin line of confidence and overconfidence. Guys jus follow d instns and dis was all dat I can share...

Milesh nima

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