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Larsen & Toubro (Engineering Construction & Contracts Division)
Larsen & Toubro Technology Services Interview Experience - Baroda, March 04, 2015
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Mohmmed Javid
Hello Everyone. So! Running for job!
'No need to worry, You can do it. ' Stay Cool and Confident!
My sweet & short name is Rifaqat Hussain Mohammed Javid Jumani, resident of Baroda (Gujarat), student of Parul Institute of Technology (under GTU Board) from the Computer Science & Engineering Department.

I got a chance to sit for L&T TS placement drive through my great college (now University) "Parul Institute". I am extremely thankful to them.

There were 4 Rounds in it:

1. Aptitude.
Contains basic general mathematics problems, aptitude, simple English (Verbal ability), reasoning and logic, C programming (to write outputs of each question- "Most important section with given first priority"), basic Mechanical questions based on figures.

2. Group Discussion.
- Our topic was: "Is the Consumer really a king in India?".
- For another group: Should Smoking be completely banned?".
- Also prepare a topic by your own, because they may ask you to speak on it.

3. Technical Interview.
Below are the questions asked to me:

1. About Project.
- Why streaming?
- Benefits.
- Why UDP?
- How will you carry out your project?
- What is media framework?
- Which package is required to enable media in Java tech?
- Is your project useful?

2. Rate yourself for C lang.
- Why C?
- Media in C?
- Graphics with C?

3. Storage classes in C.
- Definition.
- are they really Classes? How.
- What is an extern keyword?

4. Bitwise Operator.

5. All data structures in C.
- Definitions.
- Is Stack a memory unit?
- Is Queue a Hardware?
- When to use Linked List?
- Why to use Trees?
- What's better? Why?

6. Benefits of various DataStructure.
- Give examples for each.
- How to implement each?

Total Time: 45 minutes.
Result: Cleared.

4. HR Round.
- Questions were:
1. General introduction.
2. Family background.
3. What L&T TS do?
4. Services and Solutions provided by LnT.
5. In which fields does L&T contribute?
6. Why should I hire u?
7. What's best about you and L&T?
8. Thanks and over.

Result: Cleared. So. How was that? Quite tough. Yes, it seems so but if you have Confidence and a Positive attitude than its really simple.

Q. How can you prepare for it?
A. Use various apps available on PlayStore for Aptitude, Interview tips, Gate preparation, Computer science etc. Daily solve questions from IndiaBix and other websites. Make a personal notebook and solve questions in it. Keep it always with you and go through it at least once before placement drive. No need to purchase costly books, or no need for high costing coaching or classes. "Be your own Teacher. !"

After appearing each process, the company may take enough time to declare results. So don't be Panic and Tensed. Just Wait and Watch!

- Never use any other language except English in your conversation.
- Focus on Data Structure if you are from Computer Field.
- Never be depressed and keep your face smiling.
- Put good points during your GD.
- If you don't know any answer, directly ask them to switch on next question without bluffing them.
- Be in excellent formals during your interview (put Tie).
- Always speak well about your life and college.

A quote from me to remember:

"Don't just sleep and dream for success, Wake up and work hard to achieve it!". I Thank IndiaBix for giving me such a great opportunity to share my experience. I am happy to announce myself as "L&T-ier" now. It gives me and my parents immense pleasure and happiness.