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Larsen & Toubro (Engineering Construction & Contracts Division)
Larsen & Toubro Limited Interview Experience - SVNIT Surat, 30th November 2020
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Jay Madhani
Branch: Chemical Engineering
CGPA: 9.68
CTC Offered: 6 LPA

About the company:

L&T is an Indian multinational conglomerate, dealing in businesses ranging from construction to financial services.

Chemical Engineers are generally recruited for the Larsen & Toubro Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) division. LTHE is an engineering, procurement fabrication, construction, and project management company providing a "design to build" solution to the entire hydrocarbon industry.

Why L&T?
First core Company coming for recruitment, lots of learning opportunity, rapid career growth, office work, good work culture, no night shift, L&T\\'s experience is valuable in future.

About the online test:
Time: 120 min.
Technical: 40 questions.
Aptitude: 90 questions(each section 30 Que.).
        1. Verbal.
        2. Logical reasoning.
        3. Quantitative.

- IndiaBix is sufficient for aptitude preparation.
- Technical test: quite easy questions, checks basic theoretical knowledge.
              1. MTO: McCabe Thiele method, drying, diffusion
              2. HTO: Heat exchangers, evaporation, boiling, heat transfer modes
              3. FFO: Pumps, Valves, fluid transport in the pipe
              4. CRE, CET, MO (few basic Que.)

Level of questions - easy.

All MCQ questions, no negative marking, and each section have cut off, no specific time limit for sections, one can skip the question and go back to previous questions.

Overall interview process:

- The interview was held on Microsoft teams (virtual process due to pandemic). There was only one interview, it included both technical as well as HR questions. My interview went for around 30 minutes. The interview panel consists of two members, one from technical and one from HR.

- Technical and HR questions were asked randomly.

- Note: This year GD was not conducted due to the virtual interview process. Instead of GD \'allocution\' was conducted at the end of the interview, it is expected to speak for about 2 minutes and miscellaneous current topics were given for allocution.

Technical interview:

No core technical questions were asked to toppers! (It depends upon the interviewer).
To me, a majority of questions were from the internship, elective subject, hobbies.

Q1. Overview of ONGC internship?
Q2. What you have learned from the internship?
Q3. Safety measures adopted by the company?
Q4. What practical exposure did you get during the internship?
Q5. What is bio-fuel?
Q6. What is the impact of bio-fuel blending on the economy? (I had said my interest is reading business news)
Q7. Do you know the process of biofuel manufacturing?
Q8. Explain "Fuel and combustion" (Elective subject).
Q9. Why excess air is required during combustion?
Q10. What is the half-burned coal is called? What will you do with that?

Note: No questions were asked from the final year project.

Tips: 1. Read thoroughly the internship report.
     2. Basics of MTO, HTO, FFO, CET are important.
     3. Knowledge about software like DWSIM/ASPAN can give you an upper edge.

HR interview:
Q1. Introduce yourself (Internship, hobbies)
Q2. Do you have any weaknesses?
Q3. If given a choice between designing and production, what would you choose?    

Tips: 1. Introduction (Hobbies, internship) will decide the direction of the interview.
    2. Be clear with every point written on your resume.

Major achievement:

1. CGPA of 9.68 (It matters!).
2. ONGC internship.
3. Elective subject (Fuel & combustion, petroleum refining engineering).


I was preparing for the GATE exam, which helped me a lot in the technical test and also during the interview.