Placement Papers - L & T

Larsen & Toubro (Engineering Construction & Contracts Division)
L&T Technology Services - Remote (India), September 2020
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I was given this opportunity via on-campus hiring The process was remotely done due to the Covid pandemic. 13 people got selected for interviews from the mechanical branch, and finally, two people were given the offer from my branch.

The OT was conducted on CoCubes platform with audio and video proctoring. There were 3 sections in total which further had subsections.

Section 1.

Mechanical based MCQ (30 questions).

Section 2.

Pseudocode - Very basic, if you know basic if-else loops you\'ll easily solve the questions (10).

Section 3.

- Behavioral/Psychometric.
- Game-based test (It was kind of sudoku with 3x3/4x4 grid and instead of number it was shapes).
- Data Interpretation (Probably the trickiest 37 questions in 12 mins).
- English (3 sections - tense, spelling, synonym. English was the only section which had negative marking).

For Mechanical Section some of the questions were:

Q. Newton\'s law of viscosity

Q. Time period of oscillation of ship, the height of metacenter, and radius of gyration was given.
Ans: Time period (T) = 2*Pi*K/sqrt(gravitaional constant * metacentric height).

Q. Walls Concentration factor in terms of spring index.
Ans: K = [(4C - 1) / (4C - 4)] + [0.615 / C].

Q. In a journal bearing, the load on the bearing is __________ to the axis of the journal.
Ans: Perpendicular.

Q. Fibrous fracture occurs in.
Ans: Ductile Material.

Q. An automobile steering gear is an example of.
Ans: Lower Pair.

Q. True or False: When the discharge pressure is too high in a refrigeration system, high-pressure control is installed to stop the compressor.

Q. In an adiabatic expansion of a gas, its temperature:
Ans: Decreases.

Q. The loss of available energy associated with the transfer of heat from a constant temperature system to another.
Ans: Loss of energy = {Ambient Temp*[ Q/T2 - Q/T1]}.

Q. An axial residual compressive stress due to a manufacturing process is present on the outer surface of a rotating shaft subjected to bending. Under a given bending load, the fatigue life of the shaft in the presence of the residual compressive stress is.
Ans: Increased.

Q. Process used to increase fatigue limit.
Ans: Cold working.

Q. Which is most malleable, ductile low resistivity material from the following.

Q. Thermodynamic laws which are directly involved in determining the final properties during an adiabatic mixing process.
Ans: 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics.

There were 2 rounds of interview - Technical and HR. Both being elimination rounds. It was conducted through MS Teams.

Technical Round:
- One question was asked about my internship at BHEL. He asked me the components and working of a gas turbine.

- Stress-strain graph.
- Different theories of failure.
- Define tolerance and significance of it.
- Surface Roughness and the 4 orders.
- Types of welding and the nomenclature.

HR Round.
It was very generic.
Few of the questions asked were: Tell me about yourself, one challenge you faced, One scenario-based question.