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Larsen & Toubro (Engineering Construction & Contracts Division)
L&T ltd Interview Experience - NIT Jamashedpur & 04/09/2020
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Ketan Kumar Patel
Hi, everyone.

I am Ketan kumar patel.

Branch : Civil engineering.

It was campus recruitment. The selection procedure consisted of 3 rounds.

1st ROUND - Written test.

Section1: Total 75 questions of aptitude, logical reasoning and English (25 each). After completing it you will be directed to further section.

Section2 : 45 technical question.

After written test shortlisting was done.

2nd Round - GD : Selected students have to face GD. Each group consists of 10 students. The topic given to my group was " Is India ready for cashless currency ". GD is generally unstructured of 15 min.

Next round is personal interview.

Interview starts with "Tell me something about yourself! " Than they may or may not ask you favourite subject (min 2). They also asked about project (summer). And your collage team work. After satisfying with technical they askend some HR questions.

Few technical questions.

* Permissible settlement of raft & isolated foundation.

* Method to determine bearing capacity by Rankines method.

* Equation of torsion.

* Theory of failure.

* Bogue\'s compound.

* IS code for earthquake resistant building design.

* Chemical used for coagulation.

Initially, they asked questions from my favourite topic but in last 10 min, questions asked from other topics.

Don\'t be afraid if you don\'t know the answer. No body knows everything. I too could not answer some questions.

Best of luck to everyone for your bride future.

Thank you.