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L&T Technology Interview Experience - KIIT UNIVERSITY Bhubaneswar 13/09/2019
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Sudhanshu kumar
Hi, everyone I am going to share my interview experience along with the written test with you, and I hope it will be helpful for those students who will be going to be a part of upcoming L&T technology campus recruitment drive.

I am from KIIT university Bhubaneswar.

Branch - Electronics and computer science(2016-2020).

So, here starts with the written test.


1. Aptitude + Reasoning (moderate) --->Number of questions--> 30, Time--> 35 minutes.
2. Psychometric (very easy) --Number of questions-->84, Time-->20 minutes.
3. Logical reasoning (the simple one) --> Number of questions-- >25, Time--> 5 minutes.
4. Technical questions (it totally depends upon your knowledge and remembering capability in your domains subject) --> Number of questions-->30, Time-->35 minutes.

Before starting the test, all the sections along with the respective time allotted for the particular session will be displayed on your screen, you may start with any one of them at a time as par your choice.

Once you start the test your timer will start and it will not stop until your test finishes (I mean their will be two Timer, one timer for the particular sections and another for the whole test).

So may sure that, you start the section according to your comfort zone.
And each and every section has its own individual time.

Now coming to,

Question ware from time and work, distance, percentage, profit and loss.

SECTION -- 2 (psychometric).

There ware total 86 questions and you will be given 20 minutes of time. Believe me you people will complete on or before the allocated time. And one thing I would like to remind you all that, while answering the psychometric questions never chose partially agreed and partially disagree, always choose either strongly agree or strongly disagree.


It was the simplest section among all other sections. But you will be given only 5 minutes of times and you will have to complete 25 questions. Don\'t scared, you will get questions like as, their will be a circle in which there will be written four or five alphabets and you will have to recognize that it is a vowel or consonant, how many total numbers of vowel and consonant are there in the circle. There will 2 figure in which you have to identify, both figures are same or not, believe me, it will be too easy to solve (without any preparation) But you have to manage time for this.


There were separate technical questions for CS and IT (and all computer science related branches) and the separate technical questions for electronic and mechanical students.

There was total 30 questions and you will be given 35 minutes of time. Actually I don\'t have remembered all questions, but let me try few of them :

1. Finding current (from a given circuit, and from the given data).
2. Some graph related questions (communication engineering).
3. Simplifications of Boolean expressions (DE Morgan).
4. Decimal conversions.
5. Full adder.
6. On which principal stack works.
7. Questions from microprocessor and microcontroller (theoretical questions).

Now coming to technical interview :

It was 4-day process, number of students appeared. Around 700, the written test was conducted on.
9/Sept /2019 and the result was announced on 13/Sept/2019. Number of students qualify the written test was 84.

Earlier they have mentioned that we will also conduct the GD rounds, but the number of students qualify the written test was only 84 hence they did not conduct the GD rounds.

Now, after that they have given a form to fill up after that they start the technical interview. One thing I would like to remind you all, that there were two types of technical teams. One technical team for CS and IT students and there was separate technical interview for the electronics and mechanical students. (I was from ELECTRONIC AND COMPUTER SCIENCE) they have counted me in electronic sides.

Now I was the first one who was called for the interview.

Some of the questions I am going to share, which he has asked me:

1. Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller and it\'s working along with examples.
2. What is Flip flop.
3. Types of flip flop and define all of them.
4. Active elements vs passive element with example.
5. Zener diode and it\'s use.
6. What is clock, frequency.
7. WAP to swap two numbers without using third variables.
8. WAP to calculate the power of a number without using power function.
9. Local variables vs global variables.
10. Define constant variables, static variables, volatile variables and it\'s use.
11. Default values of all above-mentioned variables.
12. What do you mean by 2. 5 and 3 GHz.
13. What do you mean by 32 bits addressing more.
14. What is serial and parallel communications.
15. What is an IC and it\'s applications.
16. What is diode.

Now at last he asked me some common questions, why did you choose this college, why not any government college, what was your KIIT rank, have you written any entrench exams and what was your rank.
Now he asks me. Any questions. I have asked 3 questions from him.

1. Your role in L&T.
2. About company.
3. Which subject we have to prepare before joining as a fresher in any company.

The interviewer was very cool and very polite, he interviewed me around 30 to 35 minutes.

Then after 2 to 3 minutes, they have announced the result for HR.

After that, I was interviewed by mam she was very pretty by nature. She asked me general questions such as tell me about your self, about your family background, when I started describing about my family background, then she was taking interest about these stuff, after a long discussion I got emotional while talking about my family background, but anyways over all expenses was pretty good. The she asked me few more questions. Such as.

--> Which country would you like to visit.
-->Tell me about your dream company (never tell any specific name).
-->Any job location preferences.
-->Any problem in relocation.

She interviewed me around 25 to 30 minutes.


-->Be confident.
-->If you don\'t know the answer, simply say. I didn\'t know sir.
-->Believe your self.
-->Never loose hope.
-->Always ready for the fight.

I hope, the above information will help you while appearing any interview specially L&T.