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L&T Construction Interview Pattern - Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, MP 28 Sept 2016
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Jatin Lahoriya

Myself Jatin Lahoriya. I was placed in L&T Constructions. I am from Mechanical Engineering stream. The selection process consisted of 2 rounds in which top 30 students were allowed to appear from ME, ECE and EE respectively.

The 1st round was a Written Test where a mix of aptitude and English questions were asked. After clearing the written we were called for Interview which was an amalgamation of Technical and HR. My interview lasted for almost half an hour.

The advice was that you should be thorough with your Resume.

The first question asked from the interviewer was: "Tell me something about yourself." as he was scrutinizing my resume.

I started with my credentials. My name, branch, career objective, skills, cgpa, favourite subjects, my vocational training, my project and hobbies.

He asked me some questions regarding my favourite subjects which were Machine Design and I.C. Engines.

The questions were basic:

What is Machine Design?

What are the types of bearings?

Differentiate Torque and Force?

Which engine is better? Petrol or Diesel? and How?

Then I had a research paper published in IRD India, so some questions were regarding that, mostly about application.

Now as I was from ME so he asked what role would I play in Construction? I explained him that I have experience of how work is done in industries as I did my vocational training from Bhilai Steel Plant, SAIL. SO, basically, he wanted your know how things can be applied.

One question was why should I hire you? I answered through steering him with my skills that will be helpful in performing the responsibilities given in the company.

After that he asked about the hobbies. And some questions regarding them.

The interview ended. I left the place with a smile :).

The crux is you should be prepared with your resume very well.