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L & T (Engineering Construction & Contracts Division)
L&T Construction Interview Experience - VIT University, Vellore; September 2016
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Dhiraj Jhunjhunwala
First step of the process was resume shortlisting. Candidates were shortlisted based on their CGPA: top 40 (for civil), top 30 (for mechanical & electrical), top 15 (for ece) and top 10 (for automobile).

Next round was the written round (of 90 minutes duration), which comprised 2 sections: aptitude and english. Aptitude section comprised 60 questions and English section comprised 40 questions. All questions were of MCQ type and there was no negative marking, but time management was difficult. Also, sectional cutoff as well as total cutoff needed to be cleared in order to qualify for the interview (technical and HR).

The technical interview lasted for 20-30 minutes. At first, I was asked to speak something about myself. Then the interviewer asked me which are my favourite core eng. subjects followed by the technical questions. Also, this is not an elimination round, which means that everyone was allowed to sit for the next round irrespective of how he/she has performed. Some of the questions asked in the technical round were:

  Question 1: How will you classify soil? (sieve analysis and IS soil particle size classification).
  Question 2: How to find the bearing & safe bearing capacity of a rectangular footing in sandy soil?
  Question 3: What is the difference between nominal and design mix?
  Question 4: What are the various tests on workability of concrete?
  Question 5: Draw the deflection diagram of a column (one end fixed, other end free). Also, how will you derive it?
  Question 6: How will you manage a project which is due 28 days? (related to gantt chart, CPM and PERT).
  Question 7: How will you test the compressibility of soil?
  Question 8: As per IRC, what is the maximum superelevation that can be used for the design of highways?
  Question 9: How will you cure a concrete structure if the available amount of water is less? (my ans: wet gunny bags) but what if the structure is very large (and use of gunny bags is not feasible)? (my ans: using special chemical admixtures in the design mix of concrete) but what if the concrete structure has already been erected? (ans: spraying of concrete curing compounds).

Next, the HR interview lasted for around 5 minutes. Basic questions like "What does your father do?", "Tell me something about your project", etc. was asked.

The HR mainly questioned me from my resume. He/she is trying to know whether I will stick to the company for long or will quit early. At last, I was asked whether I was comfortable with any location of work.