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L&T Technology services(TS) Interview Experience - Vadodara, 4-03-2015
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Deep Tomar
My name is Deep Tomar from Parul Institute Vadodara pursuing computer science engineering. We were some of the fortunate ones who got the chance to sit in the campus placement of L&T Technology services (TS).

Hello everyone, as this was my 8th interview and I failed to clear the the technical rounds in 6 of them this was my final shot. I am writing this because I am a backbencher and to clear the technical round I had to spent some nights without sleeping.

There were around 400 students who appeared for the (1) WRITTEN TEST the test itself was challenging enough as there was sectional cutoff and the question paper had 5 sections in which mechanical section was also to be attempted. The bonus thing is there was no negative marking so I attempted all the questions. Guys, the hint is attempt the technical section and all other sections all together can be summed up to crack the first round. The questions from technical round are all output question from c for E&C guys c will be compulsory for you also.

From there 11 got shortlisted from there then we went for the (2) GROUP DISCUSSION.

In this there were to rounds in which a common GD on a topic and 2nd was speaking on anything interesting and worth sharing for 40-45 secs. The key here is to only talk in english and talk to the point and the topic chosen by you should be rich not common like cricket. 8 Cleared the GD round.

Then (3) TECHNICAL ROUND of interview in which I was taken to a hall where the interview was on Video Conferencing two ladies took my interview the question sequentially are as follows:

1. Can you please introduce yourself.(Common question).

2. Can you tell me about your blogging and hidden features about google and windows. 

3. What does your project mean?

4. Will it serve the society?(As my project was in collaboration with Vadodara police so these questions were asked).

5. Can you tell me some of the implementations of the same?

6. How will be the update query will be fired? will it add a new row every time?

7. What is your primary key in the database.

8. You stood 96th in state in nation cyber olympiad tell something about that.

9. You have mentioned that you are good at oops can you tell me something about the same?

10. How good are you in DS ?

11. Write the Pseudocode of implementing the linked list.

12. Tell us what is dynamic memory allocation. And how it is implemented?

13. Do you have any questions for us deep?

Here the key is you need to clear the basics and very good in your project and confidence.

5 Got shortlisted from TECHNICAL ROUND.

Fortunately I was in the shortlisted ones.

The final round was (4) HR ROUND now what to say about this questions were sequentially.

1. Introduce yourself.

2. What is your father?

3. Why did you migrate to Gujarat?

4. Where are the L&T TS delivery centers located?

5. What does L&T TS does?

6. Planing to go for further studies?

7. Ok with re allocation?

8. Why L&T TS?

The key here is Confidence, Soft Skills and most importantly is READ ALL THE THINGS ABOUT L&T TS.

Finally guys guess what I am now a part og L&T Group.

Yes all 5 from technical round cleared it and Deep Tomar is a L&T-ier.