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Larsen & Toubro (Engineering Construction & Contracts Division)
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Hi Friends

I am Praveen Kumar, from pondicherry engg college, Puducherry,

On 26-07-07, L&T(ECC) came to our college for campus recruiting, besides our college Annamalai university students were also participated in recruitment,

The selection process is different for graduates and post graduates,

I am doing M.Tech (electrical), for one hour they conducted test for 60 marks, 30 one mark, 15 two marks, no negative marks.

The test was completely based on respective subjects only; they are allowing mechanical, civil, environmental engg students along electrical.

The subjects they covered are power systems, power electronics, electrical machines,

Electrical measurements, simple logical circuits,

I remembered only few questions

  * Convert 26 into binary form
  * In which gate o/p is 1 when all i/p are 1
  * What is the 2’s complement of -17
  * What is moving coil ammeter reading, if supply is (10+15 sin 314 wt),
  * If voltmeter reads 100V, if we want to measure 150 what we have to do
  * Y-delta starter is used for
  * In a balanced Y connection if VAN=400at 60, what is VBN
  * for unity TMS 10 sec, what about 0.5 TMS
  * 400V,15 kW,4%slip,50 Hz, 4 pole what is the torque,
  * what r the factors influencing change in torque &speed
  * buccholtz relay is used for
  * lightening arrester is used for
  * what is the power dissipated in i=10+5 sin 314wt for 2ohm resistor
  * what should be the impedance value for 3-4j,for max power transfer
  * if current required for triggering thyristor at -30 degrees(temp) is 80 mA, what is the current required at 60 degrees.
  * Question regarding thevenins resistance
  * Question regarding periodic Fourier series
  * Question regarding reactive power compensation
  * Question regarding positive sequence currents
  * 400v, 50ohm resistor, inductive reactance 100ohm, circuit to be resonance, find the voltage across capacitor
  * what is the ideal power loss for 1.1mH & 11.86 nF, length is negligible
  * voltage
  * sync motor is used for
  * regarding p.u. values
  * regarding voltage bus parameters
  * charging of capacitor
  * reactive power compensation
  * Y-bus, Z-bus 2 x 2 matrix
  * Poles location
  * I controller is used for

Finally the paper is simple, prepare some basics.