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JSW Steel Interview Experience - Ballari, Karnataka, April 8, 2015
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Pradeep Patil.B
Hello friends! I am Pradeep Patil.B. I have completed my BE (Mechanical) from Ballari Institute of Technology and Management, Ballari, Karnataka.

I have attended JSW Steel campus interview on April 8th, 2015 at RYMEC, Ballari, Karnataka. It was a pool campus drive in which the students from more than 3 colleges have attended.

The campus drive started at around 10:30 am with the Pre-Placement talk by HR person of JSW Steel. He explained everything related to the steps in the interview process, the Company\'s profile-rules and ethics, salary package and all.

The eligibility criteria was 60% in 10th, 60% in 12th and 60% in BE (till date) without any current backlogs and the height criterion was minimum of 5.5 feet. The salary package offered was 4.25 LPA.

The overall interview process was divided into 3 steps/rounds:

1. Written Aptitude test.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Combined Technical + HR Interview.

The first round i.e, the Written Aptitude test started at around 11:45 am. The test questions were purely based on the mechanical core concepts only (MCQs). The time allotted was 60 minutes and the total number of questions were 50. There were no numericals like quantitative apti, verbal-non-verbal-logical reasoning. The questions were taken from almost all the topics of Mechanical Engineering and were bit tough because the competition was of high level. (Not tough for those who understands the core concepts/fundamentals well).

After the completion of the written test, they left us for lunch. Post lunch, they announced the results. Only about 50% of the total students had cleared the written test were promoted to the next round and luckily, I was one among them.

The second round was Group Discussion (GD). This is also important round because GD is used as elimination round rather than selection round. Few groups were formed for the GD. Our team consisted of 9 members. The HR person gave us the topic "INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM VS INDUSTRIAL REQUIREMENTS". I had participated in the discussion well as I was aware of the topic in depth. Infact, I started the discussion, which actually added points to my participation. (This is considered as leadership quality according to Psychology of Body Languages). That helped me a lot in my final result of this round. Our group members were very supportive and it was a healthy discussion. The HR person was keenly observing all our way of approach, body language, knowledge about the topic, communication skills, interaction and cooperation with other fellow group members etc. In our group, 4 members were promoted to the next round.

The third and final round was the combined Technical-HR Interview. This is the most important round, I think. Because our Overall Personality, Attitude, Knowledge, Skills like Sharpness of mind are judged in this round. When I entered the Interview room, there were 2 members. One was from Technical Dept and another was from HR Dept. Though they look like strict at first, they interrogated me very friendly. At first, they asked me to give my Marks Cards, Resume and Photographs. Then, they asked my Name, College and Percentages of Marks in 10th, 12th and BE. Later they enquired about my parents, my family background and my Passion in life. I answered them smilingly.

Then, Technical Person asked about the Project Work I have undergone in my final year of BE (This is most important and mandatory question). I explained clearly about the project in depth. They asked the questions which were actually confusing and tricky, but, I tried my level best to satisfy them.

Later on, HR Person asked, Why I have chosen Mechanical Engineering as my field and then about my interest in JSW Steel. I explained them clearly and I was sure that they became satisfied with my explanations. Later on, they shot arrows of questions from many topics of Mechanical Engineering like Mechanics of Materials, Theory of Machines, Design of Machine Elements, Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing and Production Technology, Vibrations and Engineering Management. I answered all the questions to some extent satisfactorily. Later on they began to ask the questions related to JSW Steel like what I knew about the company, the technologies that are incorporated in the company and all. I explained them what I knew like about the COREX Technology (the only steel plant that uses Corex technology in India), various departments and their purposes. They asked me to explain the Blast Furnace. I explained them with the help of Chemical Reactions too. Then, next question was to sketch and explain the Iron-Carbon diagram and I did it to some extent.

I guessed that they were bit happy and satisfied by my answers because, at last HR person told me in Hindi, \'Chaliye, Aaap Sabhi Janthe Hai\'. My last round lasted for about half an hour.

The Campus drive got finished at around 6:30 pm on that same day.

The JSW Steel company announced the Campus drive result on August 21, 2015. Overall, only 7 were got placed after all the rounds and fortunately, I am one amongst them.

My suggestion to all those who want to clear JSW Steel interview is to be thorough with the Mechanical core concepts, about the company\'s profile, technology and processes involved in the company and the most important is to be confident that you will surely get placed in it. I am sure you will crack it.

All the best. Good luck guys!

Kind Regards,
Pradeep Patil.B
BE (Mechanical Engg).