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JSW Placement Paper - 15/02/2013
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Hi, I attended JSW interview on 15/02/2013.

It was full campus, around 10 to 12 colleges were participated, total students may be 300.

Steps are as follows.

1. Technical aptitude 50 Marks (Easy):

After filtration 120 selected for GD.

2. GD:

Each group consists 10 member.

After filtrations total 60 candidates were shortlisted for Technical & HR interview.

3. Technical Interview:

I have given 2 technical interview previously.

I was more confident this time surely I will get job.

Que. 1 Introduction.

Que 2. Which subject do you prefer to ask questions ?

I told him you can ask anything from any subject, I am ready to give answer.

Sir told, do not take risk, but I was more confident, I replied I am ready to take risk.

But Sir was forcing me to tell name of one subject.

After some time, I told him I like Engineering Graphics.

Sir told me, I don\'t know anything from that.

This was the time, I feel that interview was over.(more confident).

First Technical questions was related to Iron Carbon Diagram as it was steel industry we were expecting same question.

I have given satisfactory answer to que. With diagram & all explanation.

Then there were question. Like different unit of pressure, what is periodic table.

Then suddenly he starts asking general question. Like which movies you watch, which sports do you play, family back ground.

It was become more easy to me to answer these question.

Actually I don\'t remember technical question. Because I think he like my confidence & he was behaving friendly to me.

HR interview:

IT was just formality. To see whether you are ready to job or not ?

Overall I got this job because of confidence & Technical knowledge.